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just a little something

As previously mentioned, I'm trying to practice my nihongo by "translating" whatever it is that catches my eye.

I've finally gathered courage and decided to do this.

Fuma x Marius exchange. Very short, and very amateurish attempt.

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Finally had time to update this. October is such a busy week for me. I have reports, meetings and tax issues at work.

Anyway, after 3 weeks, we had our nihongo classes again. Yay! I get to meet my classmates again. But going to class every saturday is really tiring me. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother studying the language. But, I made a deal with myself to finish what I started, so I'm going to finish all 8 levels of this nihongo course. It would be nice learning a 3rd language, right?

I guess we were all so happy seeing each other after 3 weeks, my class earlier was a lot of fun. We were laughing our heads off for 3 hours. Then we had lunch after class. We went to a newly opened (I think) Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt. The food was good! I love their margherita. The other pizza was weird, but good. I didn't know the name of that pizza, but it had pink mayonnaise, shrimp, a powdery something, corn, kani strips and I loved it. hahaha

After lunch, I met up with my father and niece, then I bought a (man-made) leather jacket. What would I do with a leather jacket in a tropical country? I don't know. I just want one, I guess. Plus, I'm the type of person who gets cold easily as in the 24-degrees-and-I'm-shivering type so yeah. I think I can use that jacket.

Oh yeah, on the way home, my brother called me. He was asking the title of Arashi's PV with the puppets. I told him that was Wish. Apparently, they were looking for it in youtube. I told them they wouldn't find it there since Johnny is a creeper and has a someone monitoring youtube for anything Arashi so that they can block those vids. Yeah, I kid but it's really hard looking for Arashi vids on youtube.

This is all for now. I'm going to watch my boys because I missed them! I haven't watched anything JE for a week!


Packed weekend! Busy, but i'm happy. :)
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Made a boo boo at work today and that made me sad. :(

That mistake can easily be corrected but, I don't know, I'm just mentally kicking myself because that was a very stupid mistake to make.

I'll just watch my boys to make me feel a bit better.   



Due to heavy rains, something went wrong with the wiring at home.
Half of the house has no electricity.
Unfortunately, the appliances affected are the pc, broadband modem and the huge tv with the entertainment system in the living room.
I didn't get to fangirl yesterday. T_T

Now that my father's home, he fixed the wiring. happy fangirl right here. yay!


Rainy Weekend

Our JW dvds arrived last Saturday. YAAAAY!

So we went to Ate Pla's place on Sunday for the JW viewing and to celebrate Yutti's birthday. Happy 20th Yutti!
The plan was that we would just watch the dvd, eat cake, then go home as we still have work on Monday.
But by 8:30 pm, my mother called to tell me not to attempt to go home as the rain's coming down hard and the roads may be flooded.
I wasn't worried that I'd be stranded as there are no floods in the area but I ended up sleeping at Ate Pla's just so my mother wouldn't worry about me.

Impromptu sleepover!

We watched the cuts of Kinki Kids' 15th Anniversary dvd, a bit of SDK and Playzone 2010 while playing with the kitties.

Ate Pla has 5 cats. Tsukasa (Cassie), Shuji, Akira, Taisuke and Rui.

Shuji is my favorite, because he's the sweetest. He even slept with us! (On top of Len, actually) XD
Cute cat! I want to take him home with me. Hehehe

I'm scared of Cassie. She's the HBIC and she scratches people so I don't go near her. Len made the mistake of sitting on her chair. You should see her face. LOL she was memorizing Len's face just so that she can take her revenge once we come back.

As for Rui, I think he's friendly. I actually woke up first this morning. Well, technically, Shuji was the first one to wake up, then he woke me up. He was meowing at
something outside the window. I didn't pay attention at first but when I got up, I heard another meow outside. It was Rui trying to get in! Once inside the room, he walked up to me and started rubbing his body all over. LOL I think he was marking his territory. He made me smell like him!

I "met" Taisuke before going home. I saw him, but he was sleeping and didn't want to be disturbed.

As for Akira, I haven't met him yet. I'll make it a point to ask for him when I go back.


Friday, please be kind! _(._.)_

I only got about 5 hrs sleep last night.
Xunlei being a bitch, not letting me download things. So, I stayed up until around 2am to figure out what went wrong.

After successfully downloading the SC opening, I went to bed, only to wake up at 5:30 because my neighbor is making a racket at an ungodly hour. Went back to sleep and dreamt of those progress bars you see when downloading files. Lol I must be really disturbed by the fact that I can't download video clips from xunlei I even dreamt about it.

Woke up late, got out of the house late, arrived at the office texhnically late, but since we have a 15-minute grace period, then I'm still on time. yeah~

I'm currently trying to contact the BIR officer in charge of our audit but, no surprises, the line is busy. -_-

I'm just feeling irritated right now. And a bit nervous, I don't know why though. I hope this means something good is going my way. 神-さま、 おねがいします!



Tough day at work. :(

It's just that we received a letter from the tax authorities and we're going to be audited by them. So now, I have to prepare tons of schedules and other requirements on top of my usual reports. Sad thing is, I get the feeling that even if we comply with all their requirements, we would still be required to pay the penalties. *sigh*

Anyway, I finally get to have my own Jesse shop photos! YAAAAY!

A friend of a friend agreed to buy the juniors' shop photos for us. Thank you friend of friend! (I don't know you personally, sorry!)

I really have no intention of buying those shop photos as I buy all the magazines with Jesse on the cover, but we heard rumors that the number of shop photos sold is a factor in deciding who will be part of a debuted group so..... okane, bye bye~

If the rumor is true, then no wonder there are fans who literally buy stacks of those photos. Like my friend said, the juniors need all the love~

Aaaannnd, my friend got an email from yesasia. Our Johnny's World DVD/BDs are ready to be shipped!!!

So excited! Crossing my fingers the package arrives by Saturday so that we can have a viewing party on Sunday. We'll be celebrating Yutti's birthday with cake and JW.

Wow, when I think about it, my day's not that bad after all.

My kira kira idols always save the day. :)
Arashi da!!!!

Yabai! The rain's not stopping. The storm's here already. Signal #1 is already up here in the metro and my niece's class for tomorrow is suspended.

Keep safe everyone! Stay indoors but if you really have to go out, be careful on the roads.

In other news,

I think Bakaleya 6 is on the Johnny's World DVD! YAAAYYY!!!

I can't wait for my copy~


Happy 20th Yutti!!!

So sorry the tita's are all so busy today. :(
But we promise to make it up to you next week.
We'll celebrate with cake and hopefully, the Johnny's World DVD. (Fingers crossed that our copies arrive by the 17th)